Home Show

Exclusive A Designer”s Dream  The  Stiletto will be on display in the up coming Home Show. This is truly an incredible piece of furniture. This is the perfect gift for someone that has shoes , boots,trainers,flip flops,slippers,sandals etc.

The idea behind the Stiletto a revolving shoe tower is to organize , de -clutter and get easy access in a tight space. We have a wide selection of colours to chose from

How many shoes does it hold [up to 49 but not all big shoes]

Can you put boots in [yes we have a modified version]

Can we put purses in [yes you can]  Will you deliver it [yes for a small charge]

Do you ship no but we do go to Vancouver Island very regular

“Wow” “I have never seen anything like it”[we know we deigned it but expect copies soon]”I know the perfect person for this””I want one but my place is too small”[we have a smaller version or sorry you will have to move!!]”Where do they go” [The hallway ,in a corner where we design the closet, in a cupboard with good ventilation that we make or even hanging clothes above is possible.